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Pain Concern - Airing Pain Podcast

Pain Concern is charity that aims to improve the lives of people living with pain and those who care for them. They have done a fantastic podcast, Airing Pain which focuses on different topics around chronic pain and chronic illness in each episode. From pain management techniques to the affects of group consultation on Long-Covid patients, this podcast is excellent for all things pain. 


Chronic Pain & Back Pain Pilates 

Throughout the week, Tali works as a Pilates teacher, and specialises in remedial mat work for people suffering from chronic pain and some chronic conditions. For more information on Tali’s 1-1 pilates, group classes and corporate workplace pilates, follow this link: 

Chronic Pain Talks

TED Talks have a wonderful range of videos exploring and explaining chronic pain. When it comes to chronic pain and the body, knowledge really is power, and these TED talks help gave me (Tali) a lot of comfort, knowledge and agency over my experience of pain. 

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How to Live Well with Chronic Pain & Illness: A Mindful Guide

by Toni Bernhard

This was the first book which helped me understand that I wasn't alone in how I felt about my pain. It is available on audiobook as well as hardcopy. 

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